Analysis Services 2005: Many-to-Many relationship does not support unary operators with parent-child dimension

In analysis services 2005, only one parent child dimension is supported. However, in financial reporting, typically on account dimension, we need many alternate parent-child hierarchical representations of account members.

Marco Russo, in his "many-to-many design patterns" document, "Multiple hierarchies" section has described how to model the multiple parent-child hierarchies using many-to-many relationship feature.

In financial reporting, the values of various account members are calculated using unary operators. However, the model does not support unary operators properly in many-to-many relationship.

In terms of Marco Russo, the problem is defined as below:

"The problem is that a parent-child dimension with unary operator does wrong calculation on '+' operator when applied to measures belonging to measure groups related through a many-to-many relationship with the parent-child dimension".

Fore more details, see the following links:

Microsoft Connect, problem reported by Marco Russo

Microsoft Connect, problem reported with an example

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